Impatience Ceramic Planter

Impatience Ceramic Planter


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Impatiens in Ceramic Planter

If you’re not a patient gardener than Impatiens are the flower for you! (See what we did there?) Seriously, if you are looking for a quick shot of color in a shady location indoors or out, than you will love our new Urban Agriculture Impatiens Kit.

The kit is self-contained in a beautifully designed ceramic planter. Inside you’ll find everything you need to grow a living bouquet of sweet shade-loving flowers including a pack of impatiens seeds and a small bag of organic soil, just right for filling the ceramic container.

Impatiens are an old-fashioned flower enjoying a resurgence on the gardening scene. (Your grandma probably called them ‘Bizzy-Lizzies’.) They are super easy to grow from seed and go from planting to flowering in a few weeks! You will love the flowers which range from soft pastels to saturated brights, all with rich green leaves. They thrive in shade outdoors or in a bright room indoors.

Treat yourself or a gardening (or non-gardening!) friend to a sweet floral treat. Buy your Urban Agriculture Impatiens Kit from us today!

* Kits contains everything you need
* Super-easy to grow
* Impatiens are beautiful flowers that love the shade
* Ceramic pots are beautiful and reusable

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