Indian Grass

Indian Grass


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Native prairie grass will shine in your yard!

If you’ve ever driven across the heartland heading toward California you’ve probably thought to yourself, “How did they do it?” Those brave, determined souls who took off in covered wagons, on horseback, or even on foot, to forge their way out west. The terrain is shockingly harsh and breathtakingly beautiful.

That breathtaking beauty is due, in part, to the miles and miles of prairie where the grass rolls like waves on a great lake when the wind blows. Often that grass you see is Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans). This drought tolerant tall prairie grass is native to a huge portion of the USA and grows extremely well most everywhere else. The beautiful clumping grass has a blue-green tint that turns tawny in the heat. Then, in the late summer, harvest gold seed-heads appear that extend the beauty into fall and beyond.

Plant Indian Grass in drifts with Little Bluestem and Purple Magnus Coneflowers for a gorgeous ‘New American’ natural look in your own landscape. It grows to 5’ tall and really animates the garden as it moves with the slightest breeze.

Very easy care and tough as nails, Indian Grass provides food and shelter for birds and wildlife throughout the winter, so it’s a win-win for you and the locals!

This grass is so simple to grow and brings an easy elegance to your yard. Order today!

* Easy care native
* Great for hedges, screens and borders
* Drought tolerant
* Winter food for birds and wildlife
* Fast grower
* Works in any garden setting, from natural to contemporary

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