Intrigue Rose

Intrigue Rose


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Award-Winning Beauty & Color

  • Lavish, Deeply Colored Flowers
  • Easy Care
  • Citrus Fragrance With A Splash Of Old World Rose
  • All American Rose Selections Award Winner

Is it OK to describe a Rose as ‘juicy’?

We feel like ‘Intrigue’ Rose is just that. The magnificent color is so rich it almost makes your mouth water. It isn’t purple. Or lavender. Or red. It is all of those and then some. This variety has such a deeply-nuanced and graded color that it draws you in.

You know they say it’s wise to spend time studying “The heart of the Rose.” This variety is the perfect selection for that meditative practice.

The color might reel you in, but it’s the citrus scent – with a hint of Old World Rose – that makes you want to linger. One spray of these beautiful Roses will perfume a whole room.

The blossoms are incredible, too, with 17 to 25 petals per bloom. The outer petals ruffle in the most delightful way. This is the best of Hybrid Tea and Old World Roses, no wonder it won the 1984 All-American Rose Selections Award.

‘Intrigue’ is a sophisticated compliment to other perennials in your beds and borders. The velvety flowers truly stand out. Yellows, reds and pinks practically glow next to the deep, saturated plum color of the Rose.

The compact shrub is thickly branched and is very disease resistant and works in a variety of climates. Try it if you need to liven up a stale landscape or put it in a cutting garden if you want to give your floral bouquets a boost

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