Italian Plum Tree

Italian Plum Tree


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Effortless Plum Tree With Versatile Fruit

  • Superior Flavored Fruit
  • Freestone Fruit
  • Self-Fruitful
  • Adaptive To A Variety Of Soils

Italian Plum Tree is a fruit-bearing tree that provides a harvest of versatile fruit of superior quality. Plant one in a spot with good drainage and full sun (although it will tolerate some shade). An Italian Plum would be adorable near your front door where you can enjoy it every time you walk by.

Your Italian Plum Tree features a spring bloom of lovely pink and white blossoms, but it of course most beloved for its August harvest of delectable, freestone plums. In fact, Italian Plums are among the most popular you can buy and often dried as prunes.

They’re incredibly versatile, being used in canning, cooking…and of course sumptuous right off the tree. The flavor is a rich blend of sweetness with a lemon-tart edge that sets it apart from the common taste of other plums.

Not only delicious and versatile, but also beautiful, Italian Plums are medium-large with a dramatic, purple-black skin and green-hued, yellow flesh. When cooked, the juice transforms to a deep red that is a breathtaking addition to culinary dishes.

Italian Plum Trees will grow with a dense canopy. It’s adaptable to a variety of soil conditions. Italian Plum doesn’t need a pollinator to produce its delicious harvest, but will do better if a pollinator is close at hand. It’s considered an easy tree to get established, and can be expected to bear fruit within only two years.

For a Plum with exceptional flavor and a multitude of uses, Italian Plum is the choice for you. With very little effort, you can expect a heavy harvest of some of the most delicious plums you’ve ever tasted. Try one today!

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