Jackman Potentilla

Jackman Potentilla


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Full Sun Makes Yellow Flowers

The Potentilla ‘Jackman’, Potentilla fruticosa ‘jackmanii’, is a compact upright shrub with brilliant yellow flowers. Butterflies love them.

This deciduous shrub has deep green leaves that make a beautiful background for the deep yellow flowers. Jackman Potentilla flowers from midsummer on to fall.

Potentillas may be the longest blooming shrub with loads of yellow flowers all summer. The bushy plants like sun and are not fussy about soil types or pH levels. They are very hardy and popular.

Use this Potentilla as a foundation plant, in low hedges, and en masse.

Jackman should only be grown in full sunlight or partial shade. It is adaptable to moist or dry locations. It is not particular to soil type or pH levels. This plant excels in urban conditions.

  • Bright Yellow Flowers All Summer
  • Dark Green Foliage
  • Attracts Butterflies

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