Jim Dandy Holly

Jim Dandy Holly


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Glossy Foliage and Great Pollinator

  • Attractive Foliage
  • Unique Fall Color
  • Terrific Male Pollinator
  • Cold Hardy
  • Easy to Grow

Jim Dandy Holly is a dwarf variety of the popular winterberry shrub. Pair this male cultivar with a female and you’ll have an outstanding decorative feature for a low hedge or border.

Your Jim Dandy is beloved for its showy, deep green leaves. The foliage has a delightful gloss that will draw your eye amid other plantings. The leaves later transition to purple/yellow hues for an additional, late-season splash of color in autumn.

Jim Dandy is a male Holly, so won’t produce the lovely berries that Hollies are usually prized for, however, it’s essential for creating those decorative berries in your female plants. it pairs particularly well with Red Sprite Holly and Berry Heavy Holly The tiny, white flowers are not very noticeable but they’ll persist for a long time and do their job in pollinating up to ten female hollies.

With a plant height of 3 to 6-feet and a width of 4 to 5-feet, Jim Dandy Holly makes a great border or screen. Jim Dandy is tolerant of poorly drained soils and it is deer resistant.

It will do well in part shade or sun, light or heavy soils and can even prosper in wet conditions. It’s even drought tolerant, so overall quite a hardy plant. In fact, Jim Dandy is not only considered more hardy than other varieties, but also relatively carefree. You can leave it to grow naturally, but it doesn’t mind a little pruning if you so desire.

For eye-catching, glossy foliage and good pollination, Jim Dandy Holly is a great choice. Pair it with some female Hollies, and you’re sure to enjoy the results.

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