Junior Dance Phlox

Junior Dance Phlox


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Big Bloom On A Compact Plant

The Phlox Junior Dance®, Phlox paniculata ‘Junior Dance®’ (PP16,059), has fragrant pink flowers with white centers on a compact free-branching habit.

It is one the Phlox Junior series that has many mildew resistant plants.

Blooming all summer long, it is a wonderful addition to any perennial garden, ‘Junior Dance®’ attracts butterflies and provides a mainstay of fragrant summer flowers.

Junior Dance® needs to be planted in a full to part sun area in well-drained soil. This Phlox can be planted in rock gardens or as a border. It makes a beautiful cut flower too. It is suggested that the faded flower clusters be removed to encourage continuous blooming.

You will soon realize that sturdy Phlox plants become the backbone of your summer perennial gardens. Once Phlox plants are stressed, they will usually develop some degree of mildew, so keep the location cool, slightly shaded, and provide humus, moist soil.

You will treasure the fragrant pink blooms of ‘Junior Dance®’ because it will produce a profusion of flowers in your perennial garden all summer long. Make sure you order several!

  • Pink Flowers with White Eyes
  • Fragrant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Improved Mildew Resistance

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Junior Dance Phlox – 5 Inch Container