Kale Vates Organic Seed Pack

Kale Vates Organic Seed Pack


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These leafy greens are tough and sturdy. Making it ideal even in the months freeze. You can eat these in soups, salads and even stir-fries.

Days To Maturity: 50 days

Sun: Full Sun

Spread: 10 inches

Height: 12”

Sow Method: Direct sow or Indoor/Transplant

Planting Time: Early spring

Approx. seeds per packet: 100 seeds

How to Grow:

Plant the seeds indoors with 2 seeds per cell. Once the seedlings grow, harden them a week outdoors before transplanting near the last frost. OR you can directly sow them once the soil can be worked.

Ensure that they are 12” apart and are well watered.