King Tut Cyperus

King Tut Cyperus


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Add Drama to Your Container Gardens!

Cyperus King Tut, Cyperus King Tut®, produces large heads of pendulous leaves; greenish flower spikelets can measure 1 foot across. ‘King Tut’ is a taller plant that adds drama to your container gardens. Cyperus is not hardy enough to survive winters with freezing temperatures, and it is not a candidate to over-winter inside.

It is a very fast grower and will quickly grow to an impressive size when replanted in the spring. The plant can be planted in pots, along the water’s edge of a pond, or even in a pond. The crown of the plant should never be covered in water. King Tut is an evergreen or neutral grass. Evergreen or neutral grasses are usually plants that look like grasses but aren’t actually classified as grasses, they are generally called grass-like plants.

Divide evergreen or neutral grasses and grass-like plants in spring only. If the plant is put into a pot, plugging the hole or holes in the bottom of the pot will keep as much water as possible in the pot. This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11. In zones 3-8 it is an annual only.

* Fast growing
* Grass-like-plant
* Perennial in zones 9-11 

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King Tut Cyperus – Quart Container