Laced Up® Elderberry

Laced Up® Elderberry


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Space-Saving Elderberry Stands Up and Commands Attention!

  • Dramatic foliage color with unmatched texture
  • Columnar form uses far less space
  • Edible fall berries
  • Head-turning summer flowers

Some things are destined to become classics – The Pontiac Trans-Am, circa 1970; the “little black dress”; The Wizard of Oz. We’re not overstating it to say that the Strait-Laced Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) will soon be added to that list.

This new form of elderberry takes everything you’ve loved about the airy, joyful, award-winning Proven Winners ‘Black Lace’ and ‘Black Beauty’ elderberries and makes them better suited to modern urban gardens.

By nature, elderberries are exuberant growers, often becoming very large plants. Unfortunately, if you love them, but also love the current trend of small spaces, you were out of luck. Until now. New for 2018, “Strait-Laced” is a very columnar form of sambucus that is perfect for smaller spaces.

It doesn’t take up much space as it shoots up a ramrod straight column of gorgeous dark, feathery foliage that adds motion and pattern in full or part sun. It looks amazing in a container or flanking an entryway, and makes a fantastic and quirky statement as a specimen plant in a bed or foundation planting! Plant it in full sun for best color and shape, no pruning necessary.

In early summer hundreds of pink flowers bloom in airy lace-caps that look like ornaments hung against the dark maroon-black leaves. It is a pretty unforgettable sight! If you plant a pollinator nearby you’ll also get loads of the namesake elderberries following the flowers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be the trend-setter in your neighborhood. Order from us today!

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