Lady Fern

Lady Fern


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A Classic Shade Garden Plant

Lady Fern, Athyrium filix-femina, has been a staple in the shade garden for years, and for good reason. This hardy Fern has stood the test of time and beauty. In the wild you can find Lady Fern happily living by streambeds, in meadows, in moist woods and thickets. Because it thrives in such challenging conditions out there, can you imagine how it will excel in your home garden?

Lady Fern will shine in your shadier garden spots. It loves being in containers as well as borders. The fronds unfurl in the unmistakably romantic fountain shape so beloved by gardeners and quickly adds volume to your plantings. It compliments so many garden styles – cottage, woodland and modern.

Lady Fern has shown up in garden sketches as early as the 18th Century, so you know that any plant that has been in gardens since then must be hardy and easy to care for.

Just like the Southern Lady, or Red Stem Fern, this classic plant can be divided and transplanted in spring and early summer, planting the crown at the surface. It is super easy to grow and is hardy from the cold northern regions of zone 3 to the heat & humidity in the southern states in zone 9.

If you have spots in your shade garden that need to be filled quickly or are just looking for some lovely green to complement your front porch, make sure to leave space for this beauty.

Super hardy and easy to grow, you can’t go wrong with these in your garden. Order your Lady Fern from Nature Hills today.

  • Easy Care
  • Versatile For Many Garden Styles
  • Perfect In The Shade Garden
  • Wide Range Tolerance, Zones 3-9!

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