Laguna Compact Blue with Eye Lobelia

Laguna Compact Blue with Eye Lobelia


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White-Eyed, Blue Blossoms

Blue-with-Eye Lauana is an award-winning, top-performing variety of lobelia with large, vivid flowers.  This popular choice of gardeners is not only low-maintenance but produces a multitude of gorgeous blooms that last from spring through fall.  The delicate blossoms display delightfully blue petals with a splash of pristine white in the center.  They bloom in such profusion that they literally seem to blanket the plant! 

Your Blue-with-Eye Lauana Lobelia will grow up to a foot in height with an equal spread.  It has a semi-upright habit and compact nature.  Blue-with-Eye is more heat tolerant than some other lobelias and also has some cold resistance.  Plant a Blue-with-Eye in a hanging basket where it can really shine and draw in the fluttering butterflies that will flock to its impressive display.  These also work well in porch planters to fill in around taller plantings, but are also able to stand alone as a specimen planting.

There are many Lobelias to choose from and Blue-with-Eye is in the Proven Winners collection, so certainly a stellar choice.  A long-blooming plant that requires little or no maintenance, this exceptional plant is an easy choice to make for your yard, and will certainly wow your family with its full and lush display this summer. 

* Beautiful, long-blooming flowers
* Works well in containers
* Heat tolerant
* Cold tolerant

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Laguna Compact Blue with Eye Lobelia – 4.5 Inch Container