Lambs Ears

Lambs Ears


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Soft Your Garden With Silver

The Stachys ‘Lamb’s Ear’, Stachys byzantina, is known for its soft, fuzzy, silvery green foliage. With spikes of purplish-pink small flowers, it has a wonderful effect on any garden. ‘Lamb’s Ear’ blooms in mid-summer. ‘Lamb’s Ear’ is not known for its flowering, but however its foliage is what takes center stage.

It may not look extremely good in the summer time, but will recover in the fall. ‘Lamb’s Ear’ needs to be planted in full sun in a well-drained area.

It is useful in the border or as a groundcover. It will add texture and color in rock gardens and looks wonderful with Veronica ‘Goodness Grows’, Tradescantia ‘Concord Grape’ or other purple blooming perennials.

  • Soft Silver, Fuzzy Foliage
  • Loves The Sun
  • Purple-Pink Blooms
  • Versatile & Adds Texture

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