Liberty Apple Tree

Liberty Apple Tree


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Healthy, Heavy Bearer Liberty Apple Tree

  • Very Disease Resistant Tree
  • Vigorous
  • Becomes the Mainstay of Your Apple Orchard
  • Late Season
  • Crisp Texture
  • Bright, Sweet and Tart Flavor
  • People Rave About the Taste
  • Fresh Eating, Canning, Baking and Keeping Baking Apple
  • Good Keeping Apple
  • Widely Adaptable
  • Shows Resistance to Apple Scab, Fire Blight, Cedar Apple Rust and Powdery Mildew

If you ever lose an Apple tree, replace it with a Liberty Apple (Malus ‘Liberty’). This late season favorite is a reliable producer. It’s also wonderfully disease resistant, and a great choice for low-spray backyard orchards.

With juicy and crisp yellow flesh is sweet enough for great fresh eating. But, the flavor has enough complexity with just enough tart to hold its own in baking and ciders.

These trees provide a reliable harvest of medium-sized fruit with an excellent texture. Beautifully dark red blush covers most of the golden yellow background, and you’ll enjoy the citrusy flavor added by tiny yellow lenticel “speckles”.

Hybridized by Cornell University, this cold-hardy tree ripens late. Keep these apples for months with proper storage, and they’ll sweeten up for you.

Liberty has earned its badge of honor as one of the best trees for resistance to fire blight, Cedar Apple rust and Apple scab in many areas.

These valuable fruiting trees are in high demand. If you see Liberty Apple in stock on the site, place your order right away, or you’ll risk having to wait until next year.

How to Use Liberty Apple Tree in the Landscape

LIberty is a best-selling New York state apple, but works for landscape across the country. This vigorous, healthy, hardy and productive hybrid makes a special impact in your yard.

Join the Edible Landscape movement and make your sunshine work for your family. It’s great to know exactly how your fruit was grown, as well.

Plant a mini orchard near a child’s play structure. Watch the baby fruit develop from white flowers in spring through the finished harvest.

The display is very ornamental. People are starting to get excited about fruiting plants, and Liberty is a great choice.

Use the sweet-tart fruit for a snack, or prep them with other late season apples for a cobbler. Keep them, or sauce them. Create outstanding dried Liberty fruit leather, and you can decide how much sugar it needs. (Not much!)

Use Liberty as a focal point with a pollination partner. If you have the space, let them grow to their full size and spread in a mulched garden bed.

Or, keep the trees as small as you like with annual pruning for size control each summer. It’s easy to keep them pruned down to as small as 6 feet tall and wide. You’ll have an easier harvest!

Ensure pollination by planting several Apple trees together. Add an early and mid-season variety with Liberty in a high density planting. You’ll be delighted with their good looks, and a successive harvest of great-tasting fruit.

#ProPlantTips for Care

At least six hours of direct sunlight is required for fruiting, but Apple trees will happily take full sunshine all day long. Place them where they will receive morning light for best results.

Improve drainage by adding dirt in a mounded heap 18 inches high and 3 feet wide. Plant directly in that mound, or add a landscape border for a raised bed.

Water carefully to establish new plants during their first season. Apply supplemental water during summer, when the fruit is developing.

Prune to correct shape and reinforce the branching structure in late winter while your tree is dormant. Remove crossing branches to open up the canopy before new growth appears.

Liberty Apple trees are a perfect mainstay variety for your homestead or Victory Garden. Order soon, don’t delay.

Recommended Pollinators: McIntosh, Yellow Transparent, Cortland, Zestar

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