Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley


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Fragrant White Bells

The Lily of the Valley, ‘Convallaria majalis’, is a fragrant white Lily-of-the-Valley that is unusual because its dainty bell-shaped flowers are actually double!

Each arching stem is weighed down by the profuse blooms it carries. The fragrant bell shaped flowers are followed by glossy red berries.

Plant in a garden with good air circulation to prevent fungal spots on the petals.

Once it becomes established, Lily of the Valley plant is long-lived and spreads slowly through its rhizomes. This perennial thrives in moist, humus-rich, fertile soil, in sun or full shade. The more sun there is however, the more important it is for the soil to be moist.

A slow but aggressive spreader, Lily of the Valley adds a bit of elegance and charm to shade-prone areas of any landscape!

  • Double Bell-Shaped Flowers
  • White Fragrant Blooms
  • Thrives Sun To Full Shade In Moist Soil
  • Spreading Groundcover

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Lily of the Valley – Quart Container