Lime Zinger Sedum

Lime Zinger Sedum


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Exceptional Color Hardy Lime Zinger Sedum Groundcover

  • Perfect Plant for Beginners
  • Succulent Leaves Edged in Cherry Red
  • Uniform, Groundhugging Perennial Plant
  • Butterflies Love the Soft Pink Flowers in Late Summer and Fall
  • Variable Seasonal Color
  • Drought Tolerant and Deer Resistant
  • Widely Adaptable Across the United States
  • Easy to Grow
  • Deer Don’t Prefer These Plants
  • Also Called Stonecrop

Add these outstanding detail plants to your landscape design as an important finishing touch. You’ll soften and polish up the edges of your plantings, and suppress weeds by including groundcovers at the sunny base of taller perennials and shrubs.

One of the best has to be the colorful Lime Zinger Sedum, (Sedum SUNSPARKLER® ‘Lime Zinger’). Hardy, durable and charming, Lime Zinger has fleshy, red-tipped foliage all season and dramatic pink flowers in late summer.

It features a fascinating appearance with unusual coloration from the earliest days of spring. You’ll love the exceptional foliage, which is comprised of tightly packed, lime green rosettes edged with a red border.

Lime Zinger creates a dense mat that is perfect for keeping weeds at bay. This fast growing cover performs beautifully in the most difficult of growing conditions.

Enjoy the pretty pink clusters of flowers in late summer. The local butterflies certainly will!

Lime Zinger Sedum is fast-growing plant, resistant to leaf scorch, drought and heat tolerant, and amenable to poor soil conditions. It is also resistant to deer and rabbit pressure.

One of the famous Sunsparkler® series developed by Chris Hansen, Lime Zinger Sedum is a delightful choice of groundcover for almost any location. It’s an excellent xeriscape groundcover that can be used to edge your patio plantings, and in containers.

Most people would expect to provide special care for such an exceptional plant, but Lime Zinger will be a carefree part of your yard for years to come. Order from Nature Hills today!

How to Use Lime Zinger Sedum in the Landscape

Use these delightful Sedums all throughout your landscape at the edge of each of your mixed border garden beds. This is a subtle, but very effective way to unify your entire design together.

Of course, Lime Zingers make wonderful additions to rock gardens. Tuck them here and there into special planting pockets with sharp-draining soil. You’ll appreciate the interplay between the rough stone texture and the spilling, softness of the Lime Zinger.

Use them in your seasonal containers as “Spillers”, where they will drape over the edge of the pot. You’ll enjoy their good looks all season, right into early winter.

You can also use Lime Zinger as a feature plant by itself in a long, low pot. Add two or more to establish a lush look quickly.

Want a low-maintenance focal point? Create an elevated planting bed along the length of your patio. Add a Sedum collection!

You’ll gain visual interest without hassle. Use the taller, upright varieties like ‘Autumn Joy’ as a backdrop, and tuck in yellow-flowering like ‘Kamtschaticum’ or red foliage varieties, like ‘Dragon’s Blood’.

Give Lime Zinger a prominent position in your collection. The bold coloration catches the eye and moves it along.

Plan out your planting pattern on paper first. Create irregular, oblong “drifts” of several varieties, like you would do spring-flowering bulbs. Use 3 or 4 plants at the widest point of the drift, and move to a single plant on either end.

Space these special plants 8 – 12 inches apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next. You’ll get them to create a solid fill faster if you space closer together.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This rugged little perennial groundcover does best when grown in full sun, with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. You may not see as much bold foliage coloration if you use in partial shade (also called light shade) which is classified as 4 hours of sunlight a day.

Give these low-maintenance sun-loving ground covers as much light as possible. You’ll get better foliage color and more flowers!

Although it tolerates rich soil, it loves well-drained average to poor soil. If needed, elevate your plantings in a raised bed to give them that well-drained soil they require.

Water carefully to establish your new plants during their first season. Check the soil moisture by poking your finger into the soil. Is it wet? Skip watering that day. Is it getting dry? Give them some water, but no need to drown them.

Once your Lime Zingers are established in your soil, they’ll be a low water plant. They tolerate high heat and drought.

Carefully rake Lime Sedum to clean up any fallen leaves and last year’s seedheads. Remove them in spring when the new growth begins to show.

Enjoy the reliable Lime Zinger ornamental groundcover plant in your landscape this season. Order today!

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