Lipgloss Stain Tulip

Lipgloss Stain Tulip


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Sophisticated Coordination Lipgloss Stain

  • Naturalizes Beautifully
  • Impossibly Pretty Blend
  • Perfect Partners Bloom at the Same Time
  • Compact Size

Calling those fashionistas and Instagram stars! Brand new Lipgloss Stain Tulip Mix is a fierce and fabulous comination of two very special Tulips: Danica (Tulipa ‘Danique’) and Lucca (Tulipa ‘Lucca’)

These bulbs play so beautifully off one another. You’ll thrill to the chic combination of rich tones.

Use these compact cuties in containers, along the edge of your borders or in rock gardens. Hurry, don’t let other style mavens beat you to these bulbs! Order now.

When you buy bulbs from Nature Hills, you are buying from a broad and deep collection of proven landscape varieties. We focus on providing bigger, premium bulbs for better, high quality results.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Lipgloss Stain Tulip – 12 Pack Bulbs