Liriope Big Blue

Liriope Big Blue


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Sophisticated Big Blue Liriope Groundcover

  • Great in Containers
  • Grows in Tough Locations
  • Summer Flowers
  • Fall “No Mess” Berries
  • Evergreen Foliage for Winter Interest
  • Deer and Rabbit Resistant

Don’t you just love the look of this evergreen perennial groundcover plant? Big Blue Liriope (Liriope muscari ‘Big Blue’) is a tough little edging plant. It features beautiful blue flower spikes from midsummer until fall.

Big Blue is the tremendously improved version of the forever popular Liriope muscari. The arching, strappy, grass-like foliage has made this a “go to” fill plant for a lush, easy care accent in just about any planting situation.

The richly colored, dark green foliage has a broader blade on the Big Blue variety. The flower spikes are larger, and darker lavender. These flowers transition into “no-mess” black berries that are abundantly set above the foliage for additional decorative appeal in a fall display.

Make an impact in your landscape with this knock-out perennial. No matter what conditions you throw at it, it looks effortlessly elegant and performs beautifully. Order enough to complete your project today.

How to Use Big Blue Liriope in the Landscape

Use this plant right along the edge of your path or planter bed. You’ll love the graceful way they clearly define your garden design. Use them in transition areas, such as side yard gardens. They’ll provide an easy flow from one area of your landscape to another.

These plants can also be mass planted to create a no traffic lawn substitute. Plant them 12 inches apart from the center of one plant to the center of the next.

They naturalize quickly and are very low maintenance once established. The Big Blue variety works hard for erosion control when used as a groundcover on slopes. This is a much safer way to manage a slope than mowing. And what a bold visual statement!

Big Blue is easily grown in containers or patio planter as an easy care “Filler” plant. Simply add a few near the edge of the container, surrounding taller flowers or “Thriller” plants. You’ll get a lush look without much effort.

The erect spreading Liriope also contrasts beautifully with more manicured shrubs; such as Boxwood. The long, slender leaves pop against fine-textured Azaleas or hold their own with larger leaved Hosta. No matter where you use it, Big Blue will really brighten up a dull location in your landscape. It blooms reliably all through the fall, when other perennials have given up for the season.

The Big Blue Liriope is a tough little plant, terrific when used as a groundcover or for use in difficult areas where a reliable splash of color and fill is desired.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Liriope Big Blue is the perfect lawn substitute for any low traffic area. They tolerate a lot of heat and humidity and even drought once they’re established.

These pretty plants are adaptive to just about any soil and environmental conditions, even dry shade. They naturally become more drought tolerant in dense shade, where little else will grow. Use this as a perfect plant under tall trees.

They’ll also perform beautifully in full sun in well-drained soils. They prefer rich soil, but do tolerate a wide range of soil types. This variety of Blue Lily Turf is mostly disease free, pest free and deer and rabbit resistant.

This tough, clump forming plant even stands up to the pressure of most inner-city and even commercial conditions. If you wish, you can clip (or mow) the foliage down in the late fall or early spring to encourage a fresh look in the spring.

Why plant a common groundcover when you can have a Big Blue Liriope in your yard? It features evergreen foliage and lovely purple flowers resembling grape hyacinths, which last throughout the growing season. You’ll even have berries for winter interest! Big Blue Liriope is a winner that just gets better year after year.

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