Little Joe Pye Weed

Little Joe Pye Weed


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Lavender Summer Blooms are a Butterfly Magnet!

The Little Joe-Pye Weed, ‘Eupatorium purpureum’, is a wonderful lavender purple bloomer that stands 4’ tall with a plant spread the 29-35”.  

The “Little Joe’ plant has dark green leaves and it is covered with dome-shaped heads of lavender flowers in midsummer.  

Having a more compact growing habit, it produces 4′ tall and stiff stems to prevent flopping later in the year.  Not only does “Little Joe’ grow to a manageable size in the garden, but its dwarf stature keeps the butterflies at eye level for our enjoyment!

‘Little Joe-Pye Weed’ is more compact and shorter than other perennials in its family.  With beautiful wine red stems that develop large green leaves, it is a definite attractor to butterflies and bees but is deer resistant.

Eupatorium ‘Little Joe-Pye Weed’ should be planted in full sun, but can tolerate some afternoon shade.  Make sure it has a moist, well-drained area for optimal success, and give this colorful plant some space to grow.

Combine ‘Little Joe Pye Weed’ with Rudbeckia ‘Black Eyed Susan’, Aster ‘Woods Purple’, ornamental grasses or in a perennial border for a great background! 

* Lavender Blooms in Summer
* Stems Do Not Flop
* Attracts butterflies

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Little Joe Pye Weed – #2 Container, Little Joe Pye Weed – #1 Container, Little Joe Pye Weed – 5 Inch Container