Little Lamb Hydrangea

Little Lamb Hydrangea


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Adorable, Late-Season White Blooms: Little Lamb Hydrangea

  • Delicate White Flowers
  • Urban Tolerant
  • Great for Cut and Dried Flowers
  • Adaptive to a Variety of Soils

This Hydrangea is as sweet as its name. Little Lamb (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Lamb’) has the smallest and most graceful flower petals of any hydrangea on the market.

Even though the petals appear delicate, Little Lamb is from hardy stock. Originating in Belgium, this compact shrub can handle just about any garden situation.

The flowers are lambs-wool white and get a sweet little pink-cheek blush on them as they age. Unlike many hydrangeas, though, soil ph doesn’t affect the color. No need to fuss over the acidity of the bed or worry that your blooms will turn blue or hot pink if you haven’t got it just right.

The white flowers are held high above the green foliage for a really long bloom season, from summer through fall. There are so many of the little “lambs” on the shrub that you will be cutting armloads of flowers to bring inside or give away all season long. The flowers dry beautifully, too, so you can save some for winter decorating.

Little Lamb is a Proven Winners selection, so you can be assured that planting this exceptional Hydrangea will provide superb performance in your yard this year. Use it to fill in between larger shrubs in your border or foundation planting.

Nature Hills has a limited selection of this in-demand hydrangea, so don’t wait, order yours today!

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