Little Ollie Dwarf Olive

Little Ollie Dwarf Olive


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Artistic Selection Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive

  • Excellent Foliage
  • Wispy Leaves are Dark Green on Top, Silvery Gray Underneath
  • Fine-Textured and Graceful
  • Multi-Stemmed Broadleaved Evergreen
  • Non-Fruiting Variety
  • Leave it Natural for Informal Screen
  • Fits Beautifully in Small Space Gardens
  • Can Be Hard Pruned and Sheared
  • Shape into Tree Form and Topiaries
  • Waterwise Once Established
  • Very Heat Tolerant
  • Puts Up With Coastal Conditions
  • Rarely Damaged by Deer

Make everyone happy with this reliably fanciful choice. Be inspired to achieve domestic bliss with help from the versatile charms of Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive (Olea europaea ‘Montra’).

It naturally grows into a pretty rounded puff of fine-textured, wispy foliage. Long, lance-shaped leaves are cypress green on top, but flash their silvery undersides as the wind lofts their slender branches to and fro.

Place Little Ollie Dwarf Olive in a sun-soaked spot and enjoy the foliage display all year-long. Do as much to this plant—or as little—as you’d like.

This durable choice tolerates shearing, so can be considered a heat-tolerant alternative to classic good looks of Boxwood. Prune it into fantastic shapes for a tight accent or patio tree.

You can even keep it in containers for many, many years. Decorate your balcony with this endearing selection.

Little Ollie Dwarf Olive does produce inconspicuous flowers, but rarely sets any fruit. This mess-free ornamental choice can be used near sidewalks and patios without fear of damage from reflected heat.

If you prefer a looser, more organic style…simply let your Little Ollie grow out into it’s full, rounded form. Watch and listen as the wind catches and lifts the slender branches in a soothing, subtle display of kinetic energy.

Grow several to try out different techniques! This is an outstanding modern cultivar that can carry your landscape design when used as a cohesive repeating element.

Garden designers are hunting for this special shrub. They count on it to delight their most demanding clients.

Please place your order for Little Ollie Dwarf Olive just as soon as you can. We recommend that you order enough to complete your entire project…we have only a limited inventory each year.

How to Use Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive in the Landscape

No matter your personal style, this unique dwarf Olive can help bring your vision to life. Install it now, and feel free to change your mind about how you style it.

Clip it one year, let it grow out the next. Long-lived Little Ollie is forgiving and will add a tremendous amount of valuable structure to your landscape design.

Dreaming of redolent, Mediterranean style with a long vista of lawn lined either side with gray-green hedging?

Install this compact, bushy Olive tree as a hard-working sheared hedge and let the kids play soccer along your soft, waterwise UC Verde Buffalo Grass lawn. Add a garden statue of David and make him the imposing referee.

Create a solid row by planting three feet apart. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Fill a wide, open area with a mass planting of these charismatic shrubs. Include windswept Ornamental Grasses along the edge and an informal grouping of flowering trees on the north side to anchor the design.

Add them in a row to create a delightful garden experience along the edge of your patio seating. These facile shrubs are so easy to live with.

Partner with English Munstead Lavender and Cassa Blue Flax Lily. You’ll enjoy an effortless, fragrant display that works over the long outdoor season.

Little Ollie Dwarf Olive can be added to fill mixed garden borders with lush, billowing texture. Repeat them to tie your underlying design together in a polished presentation.

Grow them in patio pots and let your creativity come out to play. Trim off the lower branches to expose a single trunk; then let the canopy become a Lorax-inspired mop top, or clip it into a perfect lollipop!

Rip out uninspiring, staid foundation plantings and start anew. Use these easy-breezy shrubs as a replacement…then let your shoulders drop and breathe a sigh of relief.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This choice needs full sun to perform at it’s best. Give it a planting site that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

As you might imagine, this rugged Olive also requires well-drained soil. Elevate your planting if you have poorly drained soil in order to avoid letting the root ball sit in water for long.

Maximize the performance of this structure plant by using Nature Hills Root Booster during planting. This time-tested formula is recommended by our expert growers, as it creates a symbiotic relationship with the tiny feeder roots and never “wears out”.

Pay close attention to watering the first season, as the roots get established in your soil. After that, give this drought tolerant plant a low amount of water on a consistent basis…but continue to water container plants.

Mulch over the roots, but please pull it back away from directly touching the stems. Reapply as needed, as mulch slowly breaks down to improve the quality of your soil.

Little Ollie Dwarf Olive can be kept as a formal hedge or specimen shrub with yearly clipping in early spring. Keep the top of the hedge narrower than the base so all sides can receive enough sunshine.

Don’t miss out on this year’s inventory. Place your order for Little Ollie Dwarf Olive today!

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