Loring Peach Tree

Loring Peach Tree


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Valued for Both Beauty and Flavor

Loring Peach is a deciduous, fruit-bearing tree. Plant one in a sunny location where you’re sure to see it daily, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Even before the leaves emerge, your Loring Peach Tree will charm you with its impressive display of pink and white spring blooms. The scented blossoms will call to pollinators and spin their perfumed web throughout your yard, a fragrant breath of spring that hints of things to come.

It won’t take long before you’re treated to the sight of your tiny peaches racing toward harvest. As mid-July approaches, you’ll see your tiny fruit mature into large, yellow peaches, complete with an enchanting, scarlet blush.

Biting into your first peach, fresh off your own tree, will quickly reveal why Loring is a taste test winner. The yellow flesh is juicy yet firm, low in acid and oh so sweetly delicious! The peaches are wonderful right off the tree or great for canning and freezing.

The Loring Peach is a vigorous grower that will adjust to a variety of soils and tolerates heat and humidity. It’s generally an easy tree to care for, requiring little or no trimming and being relatively hardy.

Among peach tree choices, Loring is great variety. It’s easy to care for, provides delicious fruit and is even ornamental. Try one this year and see why so many people love Loring Peach Tree.

  • Delicious fruit
  • Self-fruitful
  • Heat and humidity tolerant

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