Love & Peace Rose

Love & Peace Rose


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Yellow to Pink Bi-Colored Love & Peace® Rose

  • Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Bright and Cheerful Yellows and Pinks
  • Glossy Green Foliage
  • Highly Floriferous
  • Loved by Pollinators

The Love & Peace® Rose (Rosa EASY ELEGANCE BAIpeace’) is a bi-colored hybrid tea rose that radiates the warmth of a sunny spring day and the unique scent of myrrh. This orange and pink dream is soft, feminine, romantic, and whimsical. It’s hard not to feel inspired by these massive and harmonious blooms.

What colors are peace and love? Well, this sweet, spicy, and one-of-a-kind rose shows that love and peace are the color of the sunrise over the desert. The Love & Peace® Rose’s petals feature glowing honey-yellow interiors with strawberry margins. These high-centered blooms glow from the inside out from late spring into fall.

Rosarians love this stunning variety as cut flowers and a highlight in their rose gardens.

The Love & Peace® Rose is a balanced and bushy shrub with superior disease resistance. The Love & Peace® rose is known for its ability to resist powdery mildew and blackspot.

This verdant shrub with glossy green foliage looks stunning in a formal rose garden or as an ornamental and hedge that pollinators will flock to. This fiery blooming bush also makes a great choice as a foundation planting with color and a vigorous growth habit. No matter where the Love & Peace® roots in your garden, pollinators will find it and dance about with joy and gratitude.

Plant the Love & Peace® in a sunny spot where its flowers can magically glow. Be sure to provide it with rich soil that drains well with a medium moisture level. Deadhead the spent blooms to quickly replace those blooms with new ones. Do not trim your roses in fall or winter, but instead wait until spring as they start to grow and cut all stems down to 6-8 inches.

Everybody needs a bit of Love & Peace® in their lives, so order your very own Love & Peace® Rose today! Only a select few are lucky enough to cultivate their own Love & Peace® in the form of a rose as stunning as this one. 

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