Magnolia Butterflies

Magnolia Butterflies


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Ornamental Shrub with Spectacular Spring Flowers

  • Outstanding Spring Flowers
  • Large Canary Yellow Blooms
  • Attracts Pollinators

The Magnolia Butterflies is a tree or multi-stemmed ornamental shrub. It would do well as a focal point anywhere in your yard, or intersperse several amid other non-flowering bushes for added seasonal interest. You can chose to grow it as a single tree or let it spread into a multi-stemmed shrub.

Your Butterfly Magnolia is one of the most desirable trees on the market. Its spring display must be seen to be believed.

Imagine stepping outside on a fine spring day and seeing what appears to be a multitude of giant yellow butterflies sitting among the bare branches of your Magnolia!

The abundance of canary yellow double blooms are aptly named, creating quite a show for your spring yard.

The sweet scent is an added bonus to this spectacular display, butterflies and other pollinators come from near and far for a taste of its sweet nectar.

It’s adaptable to pollution as well as being cold and heat tolerant. You’ll love the upright pyramidal form and oval canopy that creates a lovely silhouette for your landscape even when not in bloom.

The Magnolia Butterflies is a superior shrub with exceptional spring flowers. Plant one today to begin enjoying its spectacular floral display.

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