Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern


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Enchantingly Airy Foliage Maidenhair Fern

  • Medium Light
  • Eye-Catching Fern Looks Fresh and Clean
  • A Cute Plant to Baby and Love On
  • Lacy Foliage

No matter your personal style, the lovely Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum raddianum) adds a tremendous amount of charm. The feathery, fine-texture works in modern, traditional, country, even industrial chic interiors.

You’ll love the open, airy look. Small, frilled leaves droop in a sweetly charming way from thin, wiry branches.

Keep it evenly moist at all times. Plan to gently pat the top of the soil just about every single day. You’ll gain a touch for when it’s starting to dry out.

Top off the plant with filtered water as needed. Avoid having the plant dry out completely, you’ll likely lose it. And no one needs that heartache.

It doesn’t have to be too challenging. Just keep it in a sunny bathroom where you are sure to see it every day. It will love the high humidity.

Don’t have room in the throne room? Here are a few more tips from our Horticulture Team. First, keep the plant in its plastic nursery pot, which will hold water longer. Then, slip it into a decorative pot to match your decor.

The deliciously delicate Maidenhair Fern makes a magnificent terrarium plant. It will be far easier to maintain it in a closed environment like this. Grow them near a water feature, or keep a diffuser running. Misting the plant daily will help, too.

It’s normal to see new growth, and have older fronds die back. Snip them back at the soil level.

Maidenhair Fern gives a magical look to your interior. Give it tender loving care and appreciate it every day. It’s pretty good looks will charm you. Order yours today!

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