Malepartus Maiden Grass

Malepartus Maiden Grass


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Absolutely Stunning Ornamental Malepartus Maiden Grass

  • Exciting Plumes in Fall
  • Wonderful Specimen or Stunning Hedge
  • High Contrast Accent Plant
  • Add Motion and Sound to Your Landscape
  • Easy-Care
  • Tolerates Salt, Drought and Humidity
  • Nicknamed Chinese Silver Grass and Eulalia
  • Deer Don’t Usually Like This Plant

Use Malepartus Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Malepartus’) when you need a plant that has real wow factor. This bold selection is an incredible specimen that resembles a subtropical Pampas Grass. But the majestic Malepartus is cold hardy and can handle drought and humidity!

This excellent variety sports outstanding pinky-tan flower plumes in mid-summer. The plumes soar high above the long grass, age to a gorgeous rust red for fall and finally finish white for winter.

What a knockout! It blooms early enough in summer to appreciate the display for a very long time.

The arching, green foliage turns a fiery bronze-red for fall color. The bright fall foliage becomes a perfect contrast to the decorative plumes.

Pleasing susurrus sound as the slightest puff of wind moves across the fountain of strappy blades. Adding the layers of sound and motion elevates your landscape design to pro level.

These dramatic plants easily create excitement in the landscape. Use a single plant as a specimen in the lawn or border. Or, create an unforgettable screen or hedge with several plants together.

In early spring, you’ll do a single pruning to start the year fresh. Remove all the foliage at ground level, and you are done. Watch as the fresh new foliage and flowers emerge each season from the ground up. One and Done!

Create a low maintenance garden that looks and sounds fantastic. Add this dynamic Ornamental Grass to your landscape this year.

Malepartus will knock your socks off! Order now.

How to Use Malepartus Maiden Grass in the Landscape

This rugged, graceful plant is surprisingly versatile. You can imagine a single specimen plant as a focal point, but what about using two? Plant one on either side of an entrance to heighten the anticipation for the moment for your guests.

This plant will work with rustic, contemporary, modern, romantic, Asian and Zen styles. Add it behind smaller perennials and flowering shrubs to become an eye-catching backdrop.

Use a series of 3, 5 or 7 on a berm planting in the front lawn. For a natural look, use a loose planting arrangement. If you prefer military precision, they’ll look great planted in a precise row.

Malepartus make wonderful screening plants. Try them along the west side of your patio, and enjoy the way the plumes glow in the setting sun.

Plant them 3 feet on center for a solid screen. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next. Stagger the plants in a zig-zag for a very effective display.

Pair these with sculptural Yucca, Groundcover Roses, Red Twigged Dogwood shrubs and evergreen shrubs. Create a mulched planting bed, and you’ll have visual interest in your landscape all year.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Malepartus Maiden Grass needs full sun. Be sure it will receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

While it tolerates different soil types, it must be well-drained. If you see puddles long after a rainfall, bring in additional soil in a mound 18 inches high and 3 feet wide. You’ll plant in that mound to improve drainage.

The first year, pay careful attention to watering, checking the moisture level in the soil itself using your finger. If it’s getting dry, give it a drink. If it’s still moist, skip watering and check tomorrow.

Once it’s established, it will be drought tolerant. However, in an extended drought, we recommend that you protect your investment with supplemental water every so often.

In Zone 9, cut and bring the plumes inside at the end of summer to dry indoors. They’ll become sculptural dried arrangements in tall, modern vases.

In some locations, Malepartus grows too well and is regulated. Nature Hills uses an online tool called Plant Sentry™ to block shipments into and out of regulated areas. Enter your zip code to see if we can safely ship to you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In Zones 5 – 8, you can choose to leave the plumes on the plant overwinter, if you choose. These showy plumes will add winter interest.

Cut the foliage back to the ground in early spring. Use the foliage for mulch in your vegetable garden.

Bright green shoots will emerge from the crown, and grow quickly back into a centerpiece for your landscape. You’ll love the look of this special Maiden Grass. Malepartus is one of the very best. Order today!

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