Marion Blackberry

Marion Blackberry


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The Juiciest Berries Around Marion Blackberry

  • Early Season
  • Delicious and Juicy Fruit
  • Self-Fruitful
  • Great Baking Berries
  • Heavy Fruit Producer
  • Also Called Marionberries

Often thought of as one of the most common commercial Blackberries in the Pacific Northwest, Marion Blackberry (Rubus x ‘Marion’) can now be grown and harvested right in your backyard. No garden is complete without a reliable and heavy producing Blackberry bush!

Marion Blackberries were released in 1956 from a cross between two other Blackberries. The result was dark purple-black fruit filled to the brim with sweetly tart juice. Many say it is the juiciest variety available.

Each spring, the bush bursts with lax canes bearing white flowers. These flowers eventually turn into the fruit. Marion Blackberry is self-fruitful, so there is no need to worry about finding a suitable pollinator plant. Simply plant, and wait for the fruit to grow!

We suggest putting a net up around your bush to help keep wildlife away. They find the berries as scrumptious as we do!

The uses for Marion Blackberries are nearly endless. Pick them fresh off the bush for a juicy, and healthy, snack, squeeze them for a sweetly tart drink, or add them to a favorite dessert recipe. Pies, jams, and pureed over ice cream are all delicious ways to use your abundant crop of berries.

Once the bush has been in the ground for a couple years, it is not uncommon for it to grow many pounds of fruit each year. As long as you aren’t giving many to the birds, you’ll have more than enough to eat your fill and share with any jealous neighbors!

Marion Blackberry is a fast growing bush when given the right soil and light. Full sun in soil that is well drained gives you the best results.

It is important to give the bush some support, so planting near a fence or giving it stakes when planted in a garden are extremely helpful. This gives the fruit laden canes the support it needs to stay upright throughout the growing season.

There’s a reason Marion Blackberry is one of the most common Blackberries grown in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a heavy producer of absolutely delicious juicy berries. Add Marion Blackberry to your garden and order today!

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