Methley Plum Tree

Methley Plum Tree


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Methley Plum Tree Great for Beginners!

  • Heavy Bearing, Delicious Fruit
  • Self-Pollinating, Spring Blooms
  • Heavy Bearing, Strong Limbs
  • Highly Adaptable, Heat and Disease Resistant
  • Bruce Plum Tree Pollination Partner

The Methley Plum (Prunus salicina ‘Methley’) is a fast growing tree that produces an abundant harvest of sweet, juicy fruit each year. Plant one in full to partial sun where its showy, spring display and abundant harvest won’t be overlooked.

Methley Plum will brighten up your spring yard with a flurry of stunning, snowy white blooms. Sweetly-scented, and delicate as a feather, the fragrant blossoms will drift through your yard on the gentlest of spring breezes

By midseason Methley Plum Tree will be weighed down with medium to large fruit. The beauty of the deep reddish-purple skin is only surpassed by the gorgeous deep crimson color of the flesh. Methley Plums are soft, sweet and very juicy. You’ll find them excellent for eating fresh or used in pies, jellies, jams, and preserves

It is known for being a very heavy producer. Its yearly fruit is so abundant that you will need to harvest it multiple times each year. One of the best features of Methley is that, even though often laden down with fruit, it has very strong limbs so you won’t have to worry about propping it up or thinning it out like you do with some other high-producing trees.

It has a medium growth rate and can adapt to a variety of soils. A self-fertile tree, Methley does not require another plum tree to produce fruit. Because only one tree is needed for large fruit harvests, it is perfect even for a smaller yard.

If you’re looking for a plum tree that even a beginning gardener can be successful with, then Methley is for you. Its simplicity of care and hardy nature is often overlooked in light of its superior fruit qualities. However, Methley is a Plum tree that truly has it all. Order one for your garden today!

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