Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican Feather Grass


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Mexican Feather Grass Movement, Color, and Personality

  • Fine-Textured Grass
  • Green, Gold, and Bronze Coloration
  • Cold and Heat Tolerant

When you’re unsure which grass is right for your garden, Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuissima) makes up your mind and doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the most popular ornamental grasses for a reason, after all. With a lovely mounded form, flirty feather-like movement, and a low-maintenance attitude, Mexican Feather Grass is perfect for most gardens.

Mexican Feather Grass is adored for its fine-texture foliage that sprouts joyously from its center and arcs to and fro in the wind. These thin needle-like leaves are flexible and offer a delicate beauty not often found in grasses. They come alive in late spring with a verdant green that soon transitions to a mixture of green and gold blades.

Most people agree that the Mexican Feather Grass’s real show begins in June when its leaves begin to soften to beautiful gold and its silky flowers have a chance to dance and sway in the breeze. These silky awns produce the most dazzling show as the sun plays between them.

Not only is this grass beloved for its looks, but it’s also admired for its hardiness. It can withstand winters in zone 7 and warmer. It is also a trooper when it comes to heat, thriving in some of the driest, warmest regions in the U.S. Mexican Feather Grass is environmentally friendly and has an improved resistance to pests and disease.

Brighten your garden by planting a trio of Mexican Feather Grass in your favorite sunny spot beside your pool or deck. Add texture and color to a drab spot in need of a bit more interest or plant your Mexican Feather Grass as some height in a container garden.

Did Mexican Feather Grass tickle your fancy? You’re not the only one. Order yours while we have it in stock.

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