Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree


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Flowering Mimosa Tree

  • Tropical Pink Blooms
  • Fern-Like Foliage
  • Fast Growing
  • Drought & Heat Tolerant
  • Easy Care
  • Smaller Shade Tree

You may have enjoyed delicious champagne and orange juice Mimosa cocktails at brunch, but the Mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin) is an elegant tree for your landscape! Also known as the Persian Silk Tree because of its beautiful, light to deep pink flower clusters with their unusual thread-like petals. The flower seems to be as light as silk.

Originally from China, Southwestern and Eastern Asia, this tree was introduced to the United States because of its eye-catching good looks. It features an unusual, tropical, and exotic looking flair. It simply adores heat and humidity, and tolerates drought very well.

If you are looking for a fast-growing shade tree, it’s hard to beat this choice. Mimosa trees are a vase shaped, flat-topped, fine-textured ornamental tree that puts on quite a show.

The bark is generally smooth and gray. The fancy, ornate foliage is similar to a fern. The delicate flower clusters grow on top of the foliage. They look for all the world like lush pink clouds of cotton candy for a good part of the summer.

There is just something special about this memorable tree. The kids will think Dr. Suess created the flowers!

How to Use Mimosa Trees in Your Landscape

The lacy, graceful Mimosa is quite versatile. Mimosas work well in less formal situations and in groups out away from pools and patios, where they can be allowed to take on their natural form. Site this tree wisely in the right setting, and you’ll absolutely love it.

Use this tree to create a gorgeous garden wall or backdrop at the back edge of your lot. As a legume, it will fix nitrogen in your soil. As an added bonus, the beautiful flowers produce a sweet nectar that attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators to your yard.

The dappled shade value of the Mimosa can not be understated. It features a wide spreading canopy, that is liberally adorned with flowers that appear to float on top of the leaves for most of the season.

The Mimosa is a wonderful, drought tolerant shade tree for the center of a lawn or to block the hot afternoon sun coming into a south or southwest-facing window.

#ProPlantTips for Care

These are hardy trees that love the heat and tolerate dry soil types beautifully. Plant them in full sun in fast draining soil.

This hardy, memorable tree grows too well in certain regions in the United States. Nature Hills uses a software system called Plant Sentry to follow all local, state and federal regulations for plant materials. We always protect our customer’s communities. We’ll let you know if it’s regulated in your area.

The Mimosa does not require much pruning when selected for areas that can allow it to grow to full size. Study the Plant Highlights to understand the space requirement. Understand that the canopy of the Mimosa gets just as wide as the tree grows.

It’s well suited to hot, dry, low water situations where other trees would struggle. It’s also adapted to colder climates with high summer humidity. It also has the ability to grow in alkaline soil, but will grow best with regular watering in that soil type.

For a gorgeous, fast-growing ornamental shade tree, you can’t go wrong with the Mimosa Tree. Order yours now!

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