Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange

Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange


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Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange Smells Terrific!

  • Dwarf Variety
  • Covered in Fragrant Double White Spring Flowers
  • Incredible Citrus Scent
  • Moderate Growth Rate
  • Truly Cold Hardy
  • Tidy and Compact
  • Perfect in Containers
  • Disease Resistant
  • Great “Facer” Shrub Adds a Finishing Touch in Front of Other Shrubs

Everyone has room for a few of these deliciously fragrant flowering shrubs. They are easy care, trusty little garden workhorses with a springtime super power!

Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange (Philadelphus x virginalis Miniature Snowflake’) is a flowering deciduous shrub that was selected for its super compact size, lush and full growth habit and those fabulous flowers.

Depending on where you live, you may have seen or heard this beloved shrub spelled as one word, Mockorange. This variety is also sometimes sold as Dwarf Minnesota Snowflake.

Any name you call it, it smells amazing in late spring. The pristine white blooms perfume your whole yard with the fresh scent of citrus!

Mock Orange is the north’s answer to those deliciously fragrant Gardenia that are too tender for the cold winters of Zones 4 – 7. Use these wonderfully cold hardy shrubs in their place.

You definitely don’t want to miss this experience each year. Why could be easier than a Mock Orange? Especially one that stays this small and can be tucked here or there.

Use lots of them as a feature, or pop one or two in large containers for your patio. Just don’t miss out on the incredible scent!

Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange is a small shrub that is absolutely covered in delicate, double, white flowers from top to bottom. Each bloom is shaped like a white snowflake.

You’ll enjoy multiple starry clusters of 5 – 7 flowers in early spring. The brilliant white, double bloom lights up the late spring.

This outstanding fragrance is the signature of all of the plants called Mock Orange. You’ll want to bottle that fabulous scent.

During the summer, glossy, oval leaves will fill out your shrub. It won’t get leggy, because this variety thankfully maintains a full canopy all the way to the ground.

Our expert growers are proud to grow this selection that was chosen from the esteemed Bailey Nurseries. Miniature Snowflake was found as a branch sport off of the popular Philadelphus virginalis Minnesota Snowflake’. People rave about the performance of this useful ornamental shrub.

Miniature Snowflake is a hardy shrub has so much to offer. Its long-living and fast-growing nature makes it a good garden investment, both in the short and long-term. Order enough to complete your entire project today!

How to Use Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange In the Landscape

Compact size makes it easy to incorporate Snowflake Mock Orange Philadelphus just about anywhere as an accent. Use as a background in your perennial border or along your sunny foundation plantings.

Try running a low hedge along the entire length of a taller mixed shrub border or along the length of your property line or driveway. The vibrant, dark-green leaves and compact form of this shrub will polish up the look of any planting, even if you keep the hedge untrimmed as an informal, free-form shape.

For a solid screen, plant them 2 feet on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next. They will grow together quickly and look like a single plant.

Keep your rows straight if you prefer, or add a bit of visual interest with gently curved lines. Keep it tightly shaped, or let it do it’s natural thing. You can’t go wrong with this hard-working variety.

Be sure to add a few in your container gardens for your porch, deck or patio. You want to feature the fragrance where you’ll be walking.

It can act as a decorative Filler in large containers, or can be used by itself in 14 inch containers. Enjoy the yummy scent!

#ProPlantTips for Care

For best flowering, give it a planting site in full sun. Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange is quite hardy, growing well into zone 4 and tolerates a wide range of soils, as long as they drain well. It grows best when planted in fast draining soil, rich in organic matter.

Try a raised planting of 12 to 18 inches above the soil line if poor drainage is suspected. Add a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch out 3 feet from the plant to keep the roots cool and the surface moisture consistent.

The plant produces its blooms on last year’s growth, so pruning should only be done right after flowering. Remove spent flowers and do the desired shaping of the plant at this time.

In the case of overgrown plants, the Snowflake Mock Orange can be cut to the ground in late winter to rejuvenate the plant. You’ll sacrifice the blooms for a season, but you can enjoy a fresh shrub with new growth from the crown.

There are no serious pests or diseases that affect this plant. It will even thrive in city environments.

Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange (or Mockorange!) is a great addition to a low maintenance landscape. Order yours today!

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