Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree

Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree


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Classy and Charismatic Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree

  • Fuchsia Tipped Light Pink Blossoms
  • Great in Containers
  • Extremely Disease Resistant

Of course roses can’t vote, but if they could, they’d elect this rose to be Miss Congeniality for sure! The blossoms of a Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree are truly in a league of their own and certainly bring a friendly and welcoming tone to any garden it graces!

The flowers on the grandiflora are born in clusters and are something else. The edges of this double ruffled petal are a deep fuchsia and gradually lighten towards the middle until they’re a pale, almost pure white, pink. This two-toned bloom seems to float poised atop textured dark green foliage, ever working on its pageant wave in the wind.

The Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree would look picture perfect as a centerpiece to your garden or as an accent in your beautiful yard landscape. This tree also does incredibly well in containers so you could frame your doorway or liven up your patio with a pair of these pretty plants!

Like most who win pageant awards, Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree is an overachiever in many areas. One of them is disease resistance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a rose tree more resilient against rose diseases! No matter what comes this rose tree’s way, it’ll work hard to stay standing proud and tall!

This rose tree isn’t just congenial to people, it also invites a flurry of fluttering pollinators to your garden! Butterflies and hummingbirds will be enamored by the brilliant blooms and sweet nectar and you’ll be just as delighted watching from your patio!

Clip a couple of blooms and bring them inside to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room or dining area! Her name isn’t Miss Congeniality for nothing!

From late spring all the way into fall, Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree will give you strong and vibrant blooms. All it asks for is to be planted in well-drained soil and somewhere it can soak up the sunshine all day long!

A standout among rose trees, having a Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree in your garden is an absolute must! The colors, character, and curious pollinators it will bring make it more than worth it! Order one today!

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Miss Congeniality Rose Tree – #5 Container 3 – 4 feet