Miss Manners Obedient Plant

Miss Manners Obedient Plant


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Compact Summer Blooming Perennial

The Miss Manners Obedient Plant, Physostegia virginiana ‘Miss Manners’, or False Dragonhead, has bright white spiked flowers. ‘Miss Manners’ blooms from June to September and the waxy, dark green foliage make this plant a little different from other white blooming perennials.

It is a noteworthy perennial that is respectful of space in the small garden because of its compact, non-suckering habit. ‘Miss Manners’ is well mannered and is not as aggressive as most other Physostegia!

This plant needs a full sun area but will tolerate some afternoon shade, in well-drained soil. Use ‘Miss Manners’ in borders, mixed plantings, massed plantings (especially to separate other colors), in large containers or as cut flowers.

Try planting it with darker colors such Hemerocallis ‘Little Business’, Platycodon ‘Balloon Flower’ or Veronica ‘Royal Candles’.

You will find ‘Miss Manners’ a delight in the garden as it provides a summer-long display of pure white tubular flowers and clean, deep-green, narrow foliage!

  • Non-Suckering Physostegia
  • Creamy White Blooms
  • Waxy, Green, Toothed Foliage
  • Full Sun Tolerant

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Miss Manners Obedient Plant – Quart Container, Miss Manners Obedient Plant – #1 Container