Money Tree

Money Tree


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Add Luck and Style With Braided Trunk Money Tree

  • Bright, Indirect Light
  • Moderate to High Humidity
  • Fantastic Look
  • Easy Care

For an airy, breezy, pretty accent for your interiorscape, try the carefree Money Tree (Pachira aquatica). You’ll love the incredible look of the braided trunk, and the way the plant spices up any decor style.

All eyes are drawn to the textured, bright green leaves. Money Tree makes a big visual impact without heaviness. It’s easy to live with, and coordinates with other textured foliage houseplants like Golden Pothos or Arrowhead Plant.

Give it a starring role in a fabulous decorative container. Elevate it off the table on a riser, and consider a contrasting backdrop like the thick-leaved Rubber Tree or the strongly vertical Snake Plant.

There is no wrong way to love on this plant! It easily pulls off a huge diversity of modern visual looks. No wonder it’s considered lucky.

Use any container you’d like, but be sure it has plenty of drainage holes. Money Tree is a moisture-loving plant but it should never stand in water.

It’s needs are few, but it delivers big on charm. Water it about once a week. Tap the top of the soil to make sure it’s on it’s way to getting dry before watering. Once you’ve determined it could use a drink, water Money Tree without getting it’s trunk wet.

You can bring it to your kitchen sink and saturate it totally, then let it drain completely. Make sure no water remains in the saucer.

Keep Money Tree away from hot air vents, which can dry out the foliage quickly. This is a plant that loves steamy, humid conditions. Try it in the bathroom, use a diffuser, mist with a spray bottle, or place it on a pebble tray to increase the indoor humidity. This plant loves being misted during the winter months when humidity levels can be low.

Give it bright indirect light indoors, or in a part shade position.

This is a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself. What a great plant to celebrate business success milestones, or graduations. Our expert growers have created a fresh masterpiece with their braided trunk Money Trees. Order yours today!

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Money Tree – 4 Inch Container