Monge Lilac

Monge Lilac


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Very Desirable Variety Fragrant Monge Lilac

  • Excellent Reddish-Purple, Single Blooms
  • Incredibly Fragrant
  • Showy Flower Panicles Last Nearly a Month
  • An Outstanding French Hybrid Lilac Introduced in 1913
  • Best-Seller
  • Great in Cut Flower Arrangements
  • Nectar-Rich Shrubs Support Beneficial Pollinators and Butterflies
  • Attractive, Blue-Green, Heart-Shaped Leaves
  • Durable Multi-Stemmed Shrub
  • Provides Shade and Screening
  • Cold Hardy and Easy-Care
  • Very Reliable Performance
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste

Purple flowers are so popular, and Lilac shrubs are a real favorite with Nature Hills’ shoppers. Put them both together in a gorgeous, showy classic, you’ve got Monge Lilac (Syringa vulgaris ‘Monge’).

People have adored the clear, reddish-purple flowers of this French Hybrid Lilac for well over 100 years. Monge is outstanding in bloom.

Let it perfume your landscape for nearly a month. Cut a few for indoor arrangements, and treat yourself like royalty.

Single flowers are set along large panicles that reach nearly a foot long. The warm purple hue is brilliant, eye-catching and heart-warming.

What a nice gift for newlyweds, eh? Monge is a very romantic Lilac variety that serves you well for many, many decades.

Butterflies love the flowers, too. Start a new hobby “collecting” views or photos of the local visitors to your Monge Lilac, it’s a wonderful way to connect with Nature.

As the flowers fade, the blue-green foliage starts to shine. Enjoy the heart-shaped leaves all season long. Use upright, multi-stemmed Monge shrubs to create a private sanctuary.

No yard? No need to miss out on the incredible fragrance of fresh Lilac blooms.

You can grow Monge in outdoor containers for many years. Keep them tightly clipped with an annual pruning. Water well and apply fertilizer for flowering shrubs as directed on the label.

Use one as an incredible specimen. Use several as a sweetly informal hedge. Use a mass planting to make your entire neighborhood happy.

Plant Monge, and you’ll never suffer a lack of Lilacs again! Since 1913, this fetching variety has been winning hearts and minds.

Easy-care Lilac needs sunshine and a modicum of care. It’s perfect for new gardeners, and wise old gardeners alike.

Place your order for the ever-popular Monge Lilac today. Our growers take great pride in these “commercial-grade” high-end plants. You’ll have such fun opening your sturdy box from Nature Hills.

Go ahead and gift yourself. You surely deserve Monge!

How to Use Monge Lilac in the Landscape

Love Lilacs? Create a wonderful display with a collection.

Carve out space in your lawn for an undulating mulched garden bed. Plant your favorite varieties in an informal grouping.

Perhaps you could site your new garden bed where it will hide the view of your neighbor’s kitchen window?

Consider it a “living room divider” for a hard-working lot, no matter the size. Create an entertainment area on one side. Turn the other side into a personalized “getaway” spot or Meditation Garden.

Use a long row of Monge along the back fence or in your sunny side yard. Keep the look polished with a limited palette.

Alternate Monge Lilac with double blooming Ludwig Spaeth in a staggered, zigzagging planting. You’ll extend your bloom season by several weeks with these two varieties as a partner pair.

Plant six feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Add a dimensional depth to your new planting with pinstriped Sensation Lilac. Include flowering Clematis vines to weave their way through the branches for summer blooms.

Monge makes a bold statement and develops into a wonderful backdrop. Use it on the north side of sun-loving small shrubs like Tiny Wine Ninebark, Goldflame Spirea, McKay’s White Potentilla and prairie perennials like Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan.

Add to the west side of Hydrangeas, who appreciate the afternoon shade. Include fall color shrubs like Little Henry Sweetspire and edible ornamental Cabernet Splash Blueberry.

Use paper and pen, or a garden design app to plan out your design. Call us at (888) 864-7663 with questions. Our team can help you with your order.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Grow your Monge in full sun, where it receives at least six hours of direct sunlight. It survives light shade, but the flowering is reduced.

Well-drained soil is important. Elevate the plants in a mound of additional soil, or create a raised bed to improve your drainage.

Mulch your plants to a depth of three inches, but pull it away five or six inches from the stems. Apply a medium amount of water on a regular basis while your plant is young, for container plants and during times of extended drought.

Pruning should be done immediately after flowers are finished. Clip the spent blooms at that time. Open up the interior of the shrub to light and air circulation.

Monge can be easily rejuvenated with a hard pruning periodically. Remove several of the thickest branches at ground level every other year or so.

No plant is truly deer resistant, but deer don’t prefer the taste of Lilacs. We recommend spraying all new plants with repellent and reapply it according to the label directions.

Monge Lilac can become an essential part of your landscape design. You’ll rely on its stunning flowers and handsome leaves to add interest and charm.

Order yours today!

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