Moonbeam Coreopsis

Moonbeam Coreopsis


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Fast-Growing, Prolific Bloomer

Perfect for a natural, informal landscape with lots of visiting butterflies, Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ is an improvement on the native species. But never fear, this variety is just as fast-growing, hardy and easy care as the native wildflower.

You’ll love the fine-textured, green foliage because it provides the perfect backdrop for the multitude of creamy-yellow flowers that blanket this hardy perennial from late spring into fall. Continuous blooms makes for a reliably stunning display, so use this in broad sweeps for a low-maintenance landscape.

Plant it in seasonal containers as a beautiful “filler”, or plant multiples in gentle zig-zags along the length of your garden beds. It will spread to cover the ground in a really delightful way. You’ll love watching the flower heads nodding in the breeze.

Pair with other prairie perennials, or place these in front of tough, evergreen shrubs. Try this with one of the new deep-purple Floribunda Rose shrubs for a dynamic look. Or, stick with Bluestem Grasses as a more restful option.

This plant is salt tolerant, and resists deer, heat, mildew and drought! Quite a workhorse, but it’s pretty enough to be called a Thoroughbred. You’ll want to cut armloads of blooms for cheerful cut flower arrangements throughout your house.

Corepsis Moonbeam is one of the most popular of the Coreopsis varieties. Butterflies certainly love it!

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  • Naturalizing
  • Prolific, Bright flowers
  • Long-Blooming

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