Mount Hood Daffodil

Mount Hood Daffodil


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Stay Adventurous With Mount Hood Daffodil

  • Angelic Trumpet Daffodil
  • Creamy White Trumpet With Snow-White Perianths and a Yellow Throat
  • Massive Blooms
  • Attracts Pollinators

Mount Hood Daffodils embody the spirit and adventure of the natural world. These glowing daffodils are angelic, dreamy, and radiant, likely named after the snowy mountain top of Mount Hood. This reliable, sturdy narcissus is a top-performer. It’s no wonder that landscape artists choose the Mount Hood Daffodil whenever they become available.

What makes Mount Hood Daffodils a superior garden selection? These creamy, dreamy, soft, and subtle daffodils feature huge flowers and refined coloration. The Mount Hood Daffodil’s pure white perianth petals fan out and glow behind creamy vanilla trumpets. These bright blooms float high atop deep green foliage. This Trumpet daffodil is renowned for its voluminous, highly ruffled trumpet.

The Mount Hood Daffodil makes an ideal addition to moon gardens or spring bulb gardens. Pair it with early spring and late spring blooms for a full season of flowers. As a moderately tall daffodil, the Mount Hood makes an excellent border or spring drift, adding charm to the yard as your grass comes back to life.

This creamy white daffodil makes for a versatile choice among other colors and flower species. It also adds cottage charm when planted as a foundation planting.

When planting your Mount Hood Daffodils in fall, provide them with a spot with ample sun and space. They will naturalize and multiply year after year. While they will thrive in partial shade, full sun provides the best blooms.

These glowing daffodils add stylish grace to spring. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to add Mount Hood Daffodils to your yard. With these demure daffodils, your garden’s elegance will soar to new heights, order today!

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