My Monet Purple Effect Weigela 

My Monet Purple Effect Weigela 


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Bring Me My Monet Purple Effect Weigela

  • Green, Purple, and White Foliage
  • Perfect, Petite, Plum Purple to Pink Flowers
  • Incredible Gap Filler
  • Tolerant of Hot and Cold Temperatures

Abundant flowers, vibrant colors, and incredible temperature tolerance all in one?! My Monet Purple Effect Weigela (Weigela florida ‘Verweig8’) is a fan favorite and quite the game changer!

Every season, you will be surprised with a new ornamental feature with vibrant foliage colors ranging from green, purple and white.

On top of that, this shrub produces breathtaking plum purple to pink flowers that bloom in the late spring. They are petite flowers, but the abundant amount and captivating colors ensure that they don’t go unnoticed!

My Monet Purple Effect Weigela grows to the mature height of about 30 inches tall and 30 inches wide giving you a plant that can work in numerous ways in your landscaping!

You can plant this magnificent plant as a groundcover, hedging, or mass planting. No matter what the use is, it will catch everyone’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Using this shrub as a container plant on your porch or patio will give you and your guest a perfect plant to sit and admire all day!

Be sure to plant this stunning shrub with well-drained soil in full sunlight! To ensure even moisture and protect from weather conditions, add mulch around the base of your plant.

You won’t be able to get enough of this plant! Order your very own My Monet Purple Effect Weigela today at Nature Hills Nursery!

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