Nature Hills Root Booster

Nature Hills Root Booster


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Nature Hills Root Booster Big Gains With Mycorrhizae

  • Easy to Apply
  • Supports Healthy Plant Growth
  • Formula Improves Micronutrient and Water Absorption
  • Helps Plants Get Established in Your Landscape Much More Quickly
  • Delivers Improved Plant Nutrition to Plant Roots for Years
  • Beneficial To Nearly All Plant Species, Including Trees, Shrubs and Perennials
  • Healthy Plants Show Increased Resistance to Disease And Pests
  • Can Be Added During Planting
  • Can Also Be Applied After Planting to Support Established Plants
  • Net Weight 8 Ounces

Falling in love with gorgeous new plants from Nature Hills? Be sure to add a bag of Nature Hills Root Booster for each plant to give their root systems a tremendous kick-start.

Root Booster will help grow roots faster, for bigger and healthier trees, fruiting plants, shrubs and perennials of all types. It gives your plants what they crave!

There is no better way to support growth of foliage, flowers and fruit than by adding Nature Hills Root Booster. This formula is recommended and used by commercial greenhouse growers.

Use at planting time for both bare root and potted plants. You can even buy additional bags to support the needs of established plants long after they’ve been planted.

While plants take care of themselves above ground, Root Booster’s special ingredients—including mycorrhizal fungi—will protect the roots below ground.

Remember that plants that are healthy and stress free are able to better resist pest and disease issues! For best results, order a pack for each plant.

How to Use Nature Hills Root Booster to Improve New and Established Plant Performance

  • Use at least 2 ounces per gallon size container or 2 ounces per foot of height.
  • For bare root plants, wet roots then apply a coating of Root Booster and plant.
  • For potted plants, place the plant in a dug hole.
  • Root Booster should be added to the soil that comes in contact with the root ball of your new plant. Mix Root Booster to the backfill soil used in the top 8 inches of the planting hole.
  • To use Root Booster on established plants, simply pour the contents of the packet all around the soil surface. “Scratch it” into the soil using a garden fork.
  • Water it in well.

How Nature Hills Root Booster Works

Root Booster gives plants an important fungal partner called mycorrhizae. It might sound strange, but mycorrhizae actually plays an important role in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry.

There is an age-old symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants. Plants rely on support from this fungi for nutrients and moisture. Without it, they can struggle to survive!

Nature Hills Root Booster is an easy mycorrhizal inoculant. It allows beneficial fungus to support the needs of your new and existing plants.

In just a short time, helpful fungal hyphae (which are microscopic filaments) will colonize the soil surrounding the root system. These tiny hyphae help your pretty host plant’s root cells to get access to water and micronutrients from the soil.

Adding Root Booster decreases the risk of transplant shock. At the same time, it increases the absorption of water and nutrients.

Healthy plants are better able to ward off disease and pests. Root Booster works to naturally increase resistance.

Best of all, mycorrhizal symbiosis lasts for many years! When you introduce it to a plant, it will colonize the roots. It stays with the plant as it grows and matures.

Root Booster will not only help plants become established quicker, it works to improve your soil. Once this clean, powerful approach is in place, you will find the soil will improve year after year, and not be depleted.

Give your new plants what they need. Nature Hills Root Booster is an outstanding mix of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas and other critical nutrients to support plant root growth. Add to your order today!

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