Navajo Globe Willow

Navajo Globe Willow


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Pristine Circular Canopied Navajo Globe Willow

  • Intriguing Upward Branching Tree
  • Light Green Textured Foliage
  • Drought Tolerant and Cold Hardy
  • Wonderful Shade Tree

Willow trees are often sought after for gardens and landscapes but just as often unable to adapt to climates outside of wetland and riverside. However, with the Navajo Globe Willow (Salix matsudana ‘Navajo’) those who live in warmer drier climates can have their cake and eat it too! Adding a Navajo Globe Willow brings character and texture to gardens of many climates.

The rich history of the Navajo Globe Willow dates back all the way to a Jesuit priest who brought cuttings with him from China when he was stationed in New Mexico. The tree survived 100 years without help and is now a staple in the region.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Navajo Globe Willow tree is that its branches do not trail downward like other willows but rather up into the sky. The crown is always a neat and pristine round shape that resembles a dome without any canopy pruning at all.

Each spring, this deciduous tree comes alive as true green leaves with light silver-green undersides blanket the branches. With or without leaves though, this tree is fascinating as the light green bark of the branches and trunk are furrowed and become more fissured with age.

Speaking of age, the Navajo Globe Willow is an incredibly long living tree. Planting one ensures shade and beauty for decades to come!

As the seasons turn from summer to fall, the Navajo changes with it. The leaves will go from green to light yellow for a splash of seasonal interest. With its up and outward growing branches, this specimen makes for a fantastic shade tree in gardens and larger landscapes. It is also incredible as mass plantings next to a driveway for a tree line.

Navajo Globe Willows are known for needing less moisture in their soil and also being cold tolerant. This makes them the perfect willow tree for desert areas located in higher altitudes such as Arizona and southern Colorado! As long as they are planted in full sun and have some moisture, they will thrive!

Beauty, character, history, why pick just one when you could have all that and more with the Navajo Globe Willow. Its up and outward growing branches, along with its circular crown, are nearly one of a kind and its low maintenance is hard to beat. Order one today!

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