Neanthe Bella Palm

Neanthe Bella Palm


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Lovely, Airy, Easy Neanthe Bella Palm

  • Medium to Low Light
  • Easy Care
  • Stays Cute and Compact
  • Purifies Indoor Air

Also called Parlor Palm, the lovely Neanthe Bella Palm (Chamadorea elegans) is a frothy, airy foliage plant. It does a beautiful job decorating any of the medium and low light areas of your home or office.

This beloved rain forest native delivers a high end visual statement. You may be tempted to think it’s high maintenance because of the delicate leaves. But this beautiful plant is anything but challenging to maintain.

Given enough moisture and indoor air humidity, Neanthe Bella will grow for you. They love to be kept evenly moist, but not wet. In other words, don’t let the soil dry out too much, but make sure the saucer isn’t full of standing water.

This plant can be kept in a bathroom, or near an indoor pool or water feature. They’ll love the humidity! A diffuser or simple spray bottle misting once or twice a week will support your Parlor Palm, as well.

In winter, keep the humidity high by adding a pebble tray underneath. This effective solution is simple to create. Add decorative river rock to a lipped tray and place under the plant. You’ll keep the pebble tray filled with water, which will evaporate to increase the humidity. Easy, and it can be very attractive.

Please don’t give this tender plant direct sunlight. You’ll bleach out the foliage and cause sunburn. Instead, try a spot near a north window or further away from the beams of the sun. It will survive low light situations, but would appreciate some grow light supplementation in that case.

No home should be without the air purifying power of houseplants. And with the low light charm of Neanthe Bella Palm, it’s easy to tuck a few in just about any room. Order yours today!

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