Nightrider Tulip

Nightrider Tulip


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Unique and Nifty Nightrider Tulip

  • Viridiflora Tulip
  • Violet And Green Blooms
  • Compact But High-Impact
  • Long-Lasting Blooms
  • Late Blooming
  • Great In Containers

We know…it’s hard to believe your eyes, but trust us the Nightrider Tulip (Tulipa ‘Nightrider’) is as stunning as it appears in photos. This Tulip class that dates back to the 1500s isn’t just unique because of its green petals. Viridiflora Tulip blooms last longer than almost any other. This means you can enjoy this violet, cream, and green beauty for weeks when it emerges in late spring.

The Nightrider Tulip offers rare intrigue. With its green flames outlined in cream and surrounded by purple, this is a tulip collector’s dream-come-true. This tulip has perfectly puckered petals that curl inward to create that classic tulip-form. Its rare coloration makes the Nightrider look like it was designed by fairies.

The Nightrider Tulip is a best-kept secret among florists. It’s taller than most Viridifloras and its classic tulip form makes it appear otherworldly when used as a cut flower. Their stem even causes a stir since it often appears Nightrider violet.

This fun, funky, and stunning tulip will attract compliments and wonder no matter where you plant it in your landscape. Many choose to plant theirs in containers for a high-impact display of colors, while others go full-throttle, planting their Nightriders en masse.

Beware, once you own one Viridiflora variety, you’ll want to own them all, but rest assured starting your collection with the Nightrider Tulips is an excellent choice. If you want a tulip that is anything but boring, order your Nightrider Tulips now.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Nightrider Tulip – 10 pack bulbs