Northern Pampas Grass

Northern Pampas Grass


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Tall Grass that Can Grow Almost Anywhere!

The Grass ‘Northern Pampas Grass’, Erianthus ravennae, is an outstanding, extra large grass. The tall flower stalks of this grass stand well above the foliage. It reaches amazing heights in your garden!

The foliage grows in an arching, fountain-like way. The silvery-white flower stalks are good for drying, and Northern Pampas grass makes an excellent specimen plant.

Pampas Grass grows the best in sun-filled places with somewhat damp ground. It also grows well along a small stream bank or in shallow, moist ravines.

An amazing feature about Pampas Grass is that it can live in almost any habitat. This grass can grow in hard, rocky areas, flooded areas, both dry and damp ground, plus its normal habitat. The leaves die during frosts in northern climates, but grow back in the spring.

Northern Pampas Grass has excellent fall and winter interest. They stand tall above most other perennials planted nearby. They also would make a great hedge or border plant. Imagine the privacy with this as a fast growing hedge!

Allow the dormant plant to stand until early spring and then trim it back to the ground before new growth starts. They are highly drought tolerant once established.

  • Clumping Grass
  • White Plumes Make Great Dried Flowers
  • Can Grow Anywhere

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