Northern Sea Oats Grass

Northern Sea Oats Grass


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Easy to Grow Grass with Bamboo-like Foliage

Northern Sea Oats Grass, Chasmanthium latifolium, is upright and arching. It may also be known as Wild oats or Spangle grass. It is treasured for its showy, dropping flowers and slender, bamboo-like foliage that changes from green, to copper, to rich brown. During the summer season, the flowerheads shimmer and dance in the wind. Very attractive!

Norther Sea Oats Grass is easy to grow in full sun or in the shade. The soil needs to be well-drained. Prune the grassy leaves down to the ground in early spring before new growth begins.

It self-sows freely so deadhead if you do not want volunteer seedlings next season. Magnificent for winter contrast, it flourishes in containers or even in a shady, damp site — including coastal areas.

Northern Sea Oats Grass is pest and disease free and it is drought tolerant when it is established. Birds love the seeds!

Use this plant in beds, cut flowers, borders, for fall color, and as an ornamental.

  • Shade grass!
  • Bamboo-like foliage that changes color
  • Winter interest

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