Norway Maple

Norway Maple


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Classic Shade Giving Tree Norway Maple

  • Fantastic Green Foliage for Shade
  • Perfect for Urban Areas
  • Petite Yellow Flowers
  • Three Seasons of Interest

If you’ve walked through the local park on a bright sunny summer day, there’s a good chance the pathways and picnic tables have been under Norway Maple trees (Acer platanoides). With strong branches and the classic maple tree look, there are plenty of reasons to use them in upcoming landscaping projects!

Native to Europe, Norway Maple has made its way in the United States and become a staple. Early each spring, this tree blooms petite yellow flowers. The unique blooms give the tree a charming amount of character along with a lovely cream colored tinge before the leaves even bud!

As the blooms come to an end, the tree is taken over by its luxurious deep green foliage that makes this symmetrical and outward branching crown a wonderful shade tree. Looking at this tree mid summer, it is easy to imagine settling down and reading a book in the shade of the canopy for hours and hours.

As summer fades to fall, the leaves change into a remarkable yellow that adds a pop of color wherever it’s planted. Have a drab fall garden? Not anymore with the Norway Maple!

Picking the perfect spot to plant this tree is easy. It appreciates full sun to partial shade along with well drained soil. When thinking about a durable tree, there are few better than Norway Maple as it tends to be heat, drought and pollutant tolerant!

It’s wide tolerance to many different soils and its large canopy of shade giving leaves makes Norway Maple perfect for big landscaping projects as well as street side trees in urban areas. Plant a few along driveways for a tree line or by itself as a centerpiece to a yard with a picnic area underneath.

This extremely versatile tree is perfect for just about any gardening need. Not to mention three seasons of beautiful color! Don’t wait, order one or more today!

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Norway Maple – #3 Container 4-5 feet