Ohio Buckeye Tree

Ohio Buckeye Tree


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Ornamental Tree with Brilliant Fall Color

The Ohio Buckeye is prized for its showy fall color and unique fruit. It would look terrific as a main accent in your front yard or anywhere you have a little extra space for an interesting ornamental tree.

The Buckeye has a rounded crown that lends a lovely symmetry to the landscape. It tends to leaf out early, so if you have a Buckeye, your yard will be one of the first on the block to enjoy bright green color. The 6-inch long leaflets form a leaf structure that is reminiscent of a palm, bringing an added bit of interest for those who take a closer look.

Spring also brings the arrival clusters of bright yellow flowers that will draw hummingbirds to your yard with their bright color and sweet nectar.

Perhaps the most valued feature of the Buckeye tree is the fall color it provides. As autumn approaches, your tree will transform from its summer, deep green to a brilliant bright orange. Your yard is sure to turn heads when the Buckeye displays its fall plumage!

The Ohio Buckeye Tree is the state tree of Ohio but you don’t have to live there to appreciate it. It’s a great addition to any yard, and it will look great in yours.

  • Bright Yellow Spring Flowers
  • Amazing Fall Color
  • Nuts for Wildlife
  • Great Shade Tree

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Ohio Buckeye Tree – #3 Container 3-4 Feet, Ohio Buckeye Tree – #3 Container 2-3 Feet, Ohio Buckeye Tree – #3 Container