Orange New Zealand Sedge Grass

Orange New Zealand Sedge Grass


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Visually Stunning Orange New Zealand Sedge

  • Very Hardy Grass
  • Urban Gardens
  • Explosive Fall Color

Bringing texture to a rock garden or adding a unique edging to a pathway is the order of the day for our Orange New Zealand Sedge (Carex testacea). You may not have heard of this beautiful sedge, but chances are good you’ve seen it cropping up in more places now that it’s gone somewhat mainstream among discerning landscapers. And it’s easy to see why—this hardy sedge is easy to grow and super versatile.

Gardeners tout the Orange New Zealand Sedge’s beautiful form. Each spring, watch as this sedge forms magnificently arched mounds and develops bronze-green leaves that provide boundless beauty in a range of applications. Its grass-like foliage drapes ever so slightly over, allowing it to spill from container edges or rocks, bringing texture and visual beauty to otherwise boring areas of your lawn.

Then, when fall approaches and the weather gets chilly, it transforms into an electric orange hue, sending visual shockwaves through your landscape.

Sedge loves moisture, making it ideal for covering up those troublesome wet spots in your lawn that are less forgiving to less sturdy plantings. Use it beside fountains or ponds, in low wetlands, or in that trouble spot that never seems to totally dry out in your yard. Make a rain garden or a drainage ditch sing with motion and color. Orange New Zealand Sedge thrives in sun or shade, so plant it where you need it, and then sit back and admire your handiwork for nearly three seasons each year.

With this beautiful plant afoot, you don’t need a professional landscaper to bring your lawn to life with color and beauty. Order your Orange New Zealand Sedge today so that you can get it in the ground this season.

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