Paper Birch

Paper Birch


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Lovely Tree with Ornamental White Bark

  • Ornamental Bark
  • Winter Interest
  • Variety of Uses
  • Brilliant Fall Color

The Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera) is a beautiful tree with particularly ornamental bark. One would be a handsome addition to your front yard where passers-by could enjoy its ornamental features year-round. It’s a wonderful compliment to other plantings and provides vibrant fall color.

Paper Birch tree is obviously noted for its white bark, unique to other plantings in your yard. The “papery” bark tends to peel, revealing reddish-brown bark underneath. This creates a two-toned effect that is simply breathtaking in the common landscape.

As Paper Birch matures, black horizontal lines will appear to contrast with the white, adding even more ornamental appeal. The dark-green, lightly-toothed leaves turn a stunning golden hue in autumn, spicing up your yard before they fall to reveal more of the beautiful bark for your enjoyment during the winter months.

Paper Birch trees are the most widely distributed (east to west), of all North American birches. The graceful form and attractive white bark of Paper Birch make it a prized species for ornamental plantings and landscaping around homes and public buildings. It can grow in many conditions, but doesn’t do well with drought.

It has many uses beyond the ornamental. It’s well known as firewood that will burn even when wet, valued for use in funiture and even used in Popsicle sticks. The syrup is often used as a delicious topping (much like maple syrup), and can also be made into candles. Can you guess why it’s nicknamed “Canoe Birch”?

Paper Birch loves a cool, moist, north or east facing site or where the sun does not bake the roots. Use a nice 4inch layer of mulch over the roots for excellent results.

A tree with unique ornamental appeal, and a variety of uses, the Paper Birch is a valuable asset for any yard, and will likely be one of your favorites! Order one today!

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