Parfianka Pomegranate

Parfianka Pomegranate


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Ancient Tropical Plant with Big Health Benefits

  • 200 Chill Hours
  • Drought and Disease Tolerant
  • Long-Lived
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Very Healthy Fruit

Add a superfood fruiting dwarf plant to your landscape this season. The Parfianka Pomegranate (Punica granatum ‘Parkianka’) is native to western Asia but is fast becoming one of the most popular fruits in the U.S. due to its enormous health benefits. It is an eye-catching, long-lived tropical plant that’s sure to draw interest from family and neighbors.

This deciduous shrub features angular branches with upright growth for a full, robust appearance. Glossy, lance-shaped leaves round out the lush appearance of this tropical ornamental, spotlighting it as a stand-out in any yard. It happily thrives in almost any soil conditions and can also live up to 200 years!

In the spring, Parfianka Pomegranate will enchant you with its delicate, trumpet-shaped red blossoms that will continue into the long summer months, providing welcome allure for butterflies. Parfianka is also a hummingbird magnet with its showy red flowers.

In the fall, this Pomegranate variety will amaze you with the appearance of orange-sized, red fruits ready for harvest. Unlike Pomegranates you buy in the store, homegrown fruit has the highest level of flavor and nutrition.

Whether you eat the juicy avils and seeds fresh, sprinkle on salads or squeeze into juice, the Pomegranate is filled with natural vitamins and antioxidants and further health benefits too numerous to mention.

The Pomegranate is clearly an amazing plant of ancient origins with both ornamental and nutritional appeal. The Parfianka variety specifically is considered one of the highest quality Pomegranates in existence.

With its rich history, durability and showy display, the Parfianka Pomegranate is an outstanding choice for your landscape. It’s easy to keep this compact plant smaller with pruning, if you wish.

Order this very special plant today! We run out of our crops every year.

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Parfianka Pomegranate – 5x5x12 Inch Container 2-3 Feet, Parfianka Pomegranate – 5x5x12 Inch Container 3-4 Feet, Parfianka Pomegranate – #1 Container