Peaches n Dreams Hollyhock

Peaches n Dreams Hollyhock


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Raspberry Frosted Peaches

The Peaches ‘n Dreams Hollyhock, ‘Alcea rosea’, has double, creamy-peach flowers that are frosted with tints of raspberry-pink and apricot. It is a wonderful new array of pastels to add to the garden.

The Hollyhock family is made up of a rather large group that exhibits tall stature and is biennial in nature.

Although they are short lived, they reseed themselves.

The large blooms of Alcea ‘Peaches ‘n Dreams’ Hollyhock flower in the summer months. Alcea is a wonderful plant near the back of the border, working great along walls or fences.

They are best planted in full sun in a well-drained area.

  • Double Creamy Peach Flowers
  • Very Tall Biennial Plant
  • Thrives in Full Sun
  • Bees and Butterflies Love It

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Peaches n Dreams Hollyhock – 5 Inch Container